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At SpotOn Productions, we love a challenge, and when Code Blue, a part of Pradco Outdoor Brands, approached us with a unique project, we were eager to dive in. The task at hand? To create a brand film that would not only showcase their range of scent and scent-masking products but also tell the compelling story of why these products matter to their customers—modern deer hunters.

The Unconventional Approach

Code Blue’s products may not be the most glamorous in the world of outdoor gear. We’re talking about deer urine and scent-masking solutions, after all. But that’s precisely what made this project so intriguing. Our challenge was to shed light on the practicality and benefits of these products in a way that would resonate with a diverse audience of young to middle-aged, newer hunters.

Crafting “Hunter’s Edge”

To achieve this, our creative team, well-versed in the world of hunting and intimately familiar with the commitment it requires, set out to create a brand film that would captivate and inspire. We named it “Hunter’s Edge,” and it’s more than just a film—it’s a journey.

The Concept: Balancing Act

“Hunter’s Edge” takes you through the life of a modern hunter, one who balances the demands of work and family with an unwavering passion for the hunt. We wanted to convey that Code Blue isn’t just about products; it’s about helping hunters increase their odds of success. The preparation leading up to the hunt and the time away from family are worth the effort—a “buck” in more ways than one.

A Cinematic Showcase

But we didn’t stop at Code Blue. We seamlessly integrated other Pradco Outdoor Brands’ products into the film, including Moultrie feeders, trail cameras, and Summit Tree Stands. This holistic approach provided Code Blue with bespoke video content that inspires and connects with its audience on a deep, emotional level.

We invite you to explore “Hunter’s Edge” and witness the unique journey of the modern hunter. Discover how Code Blue empowers them to create their own tradition of success through ground-breaking videography.

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