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In today’s digital landscape, harnessing the power of video is paramount when introducing a new product. A well-executed, professionally produced video has the potential to captivate audiences, effectively convey information, and leave a lasting impact. By integrating high-quality videos into your product launch strategy, you engage your target audience in a visually compelling manner, creating a memorable impression.

One of the standout advantages of employing professional videos for product launches lies in their ability to narrate a compelling story. Through engaging visuals, persuasive messaging, and captivating narratives, videos establish emotional connections with consumers, generating excitement around your clients’ offering.

Meet the Girl With No Name

Meet “The Girl With No Name,” a dynamic video created in support of Drew Estate’s latest addition to their Deadwood cigar line, exclusively released through Fox Cigar. In collaboration with Wolffhaus Creative, SpotOn Productions took charge of the creative process, filming, editing, and providing visual effects for this project. This video was featured online, on social media platforms, and in email marketing campaigns, effectively generating buzz around the highly anticipated product launch.

SpotOn Productions partnered with Wolffhaus Creative on the project. We collaborated on the creative, shot all of the footage, edited and provided the VFX (visual effects). This video was showcased online, on social media and in email marketing campaigns all of which helped create the buzz around this exciting new product launch.

Building a Complete Content Strategy

In addition to the main feature, we produced supplementary videos to bolster the launch and generate interest in the product, the brand, and the production process.

Curious about how they came up with the name? Watch this exclusive interview for the full story:

Take a tour with with Willie Herrara and listen in on a one-on-one with Mitchell Fox in the following videos:

Fox Cigar effectively utilized these videos across various channels, including social media teasers and email marketing campaigns. “The Girl With No Name” cigars sold out in just four weeks, and these videos continue to drive interest, encouraging customers to join the waitlist for future limited releases.

Let’s Go!

At SpotOn Productions, we specialize in creating videos that infuse a soul and personality into a product, inspiring buyers to not only desire the product for its quality and features, but also to identify with the product’s unique identity. This additional layer played a pivotal role in propelling sales for Fox Cigar. The “The Girl With No Name” commercial and docu-interview series established a legend and identity for this product before it even hit the market.

A successful product launch demands careful planning, but it need not be a daunting task. It should be an exciting moment for your entire team, as you shine a spotlight on your latest innovation, your dedicated employees, and your brand.

We’re ready to help you create a buzz-worthy content strategy for your clients and their next product launch. Let’s get started today.

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